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Actionable Quantitative Analytics



QuSandbox is a rapid-protyping and machine learning enablement platform to speed up your ML adoption process.. By enabling developers to access data, models and APIs in a single environment, QuSandbox accelerates trials and enablement of Machine Learning and AI products.

QuantUniversity Advisory Services

QuantUniversity offers model development, review, verification and validation, algorithmic auditing services for financial services institutions.

Model Design

We specialize in large scale application development for Quantitative analytics, Machine learning, Fintech with expertise in AWS, MATLAB, Python, R, Big Data applications

Model Validation
Algorithmic Auditing

We offer model risk management and governance advisory services for quant and machine learning models. We also provide Algorithmic auditing services and due diligence services for models

Model Production

We provide expertise in scaling and deploying large scale production models on on-premise and cloud environments. We provide architecture review services and deployment support



QuantUniversity is a quantitative analytics advisory focusing on the intersection of Data science, Machine learning and Quantitative Finance. We take a practitioner’s approach to working with pragmatic applications of frontier topics to real-world financial and energy problems. QuantUniversity advises various companies in Quant Finance application development, validation and in algorithmic auditing. We also run data science and machine learning workshops in the United States and online in its Explore-Experience-Excel series through QuAcademy. QuantUniversity is pioneering the next generation platform for Algorithmic auditing that supports anonymization, model escrow and tracking, synthetic data generation and experimentation through the QuSandbox.