Analytics for a cause initiative scholarship

QuantUniversity has started a new initiative to support students and unemployed professionals interested in fintech and data science roles to attend our workshops for free/reduced cost. If you or some one you know are interested in attending our workshops for free/significantly discounted price, apply for a scholarship here.

PRMIA Scholarships

QuantUniversity sponsored student scholarships, valued at $30,000 to their educational offerings to students from eight countries and 12 chapters, participating in the PRMIA - Professional Risk Managers'‚Äč International Association Risk Management Challenge. Additional details about our announcement here

For the second year, QuantUniversity is supporting PRMIA with in-scholar scholarships to the Machine learning in finance course for participants of the PRMIA Risk Management Challenge

If you want to join any of these initiatives, please Contact Us.

Second Chances

With automation and AI-driven solutions, older workers are challenged to find their next careers and are increasingly replaced by younger workers or machines. With Covid-19-related layoffs and furloughs, older workers, especially women are significantly impacted. Just a 3-month gap in unemployment makes it twice as hard to find the next employment.

QuAcademy's Second Chances is a boot-camp styled practical learning program in data science and analytics geared towards older workers(40+) who are recently laid off or furloughed. We provide older workers a continuous and focused training program as a part of severance package or as a learning opportunity when older workers apply for Unemployment benefits helping them retool and regear towards their next job in areas like Data science and analytics. By enabling older workers to reskill strategically, Second Chances collapses unemployment period and creates opportunities for older workers to reenter the workforce with new skills.