NEW COURSE! Fintech is seeing a major revolution and entrepreneurs and the financial industry are taking notice. Join us for this 8-week course and explore key innovations in Fintech through case studies and illustrations. We will also discuss how Fintech has changed post COVID-19 and the drivers and opportunities in the future as we move more and more towards digital automation and online services.

Session Length:
90-minute lessons & case studies
8 lessons/one per week + Exclusive access to eight Live Guest Lectures

Who is this for?
Financial Analysts, Risk and Portfolio Managers, Economists, Business Analysts, Investment professionals, Fintech Entrepreneurs, Investors

In this course, we will discuss business models and opportunities in Fintech:

  • The evolution of Fintech and the current state of the union
  • Case studies of successful business models in Fintech startups
  • Key things that differentiates a successful Fintech company
  • Best practices and tips when working on a Fintech opportunity
  • Fintech post #Covid19: Opportunities, Challenges and the Future

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Starts March 1st


90-minute lessons & case studies

Course Duration

8 lessons/one per week


Fintech Innovations

  • Payments
    Payment processing, transfers, rewards etc.
  • Case study 1
    Payments: The options galore

Fintech Innovations

  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
    Digital currency, smart contracts, DLT, Cryptocurrency landscape
  • Case study 2
    Blockchain or not? A canvas for opportunity assessment using Blockchain


  • Investments
    Trading and Investments: Robo Advisors, Investment management etc.
  • Case study 3
    Strategies at Play: A SWOT analysis on Robo advisories


  • Planning
    Retirement planning, Education planning etc.
  • Case study 4
    Planning your life, wealth, education, retirement: Options and Risks

The Business of Platforms

  • Lending
    Crowdfunding, P-2-P lending, alternative money raising platforms
  • Case study 5
    How Platforms and upheaving traditional business models

The Business of Platforms

  • Insurance & Regtech
    Underwriting, comparison platforms, Regulatory automation etc.
  • Case study 6
    Disruption in the Insurance industry

The Technological Disrupters: AI, ML and Big Data

  • Big Data and Analytics
    AI & Big Data solutions, Alternative data etc.
  • Case study 7
    AI and ML: Game changers in the 21st century

The Technological Disrupters

  • Security
    Cyber security, Authentication, Encryption + Wrap up
  • Case study 8
    How Technologies are disrupting finance as we know it today

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Past Attendees of QuantUniversity workshops include Assette, Baruch College, Bentley College, Bloomberg, BNY Mellon, Boston University, Datacamp, Fidelity, Ford, Goldman Sachs, IBM, J.P. Morgan Chase, MathWorks, Matrix IFS, MIT Lincoln Labs, Morgan Stanley, Nataxis Global, Northeastern University, NYU, Pan Agora, Philips Health, Stevens Institute, T.D. Securities and many more..